COMMAND™ long ago appreciated the need for an all encompassing “Green” corporate philosophy, extending from the beginning of the manufacturing process, through the lifespan of a given product. We have been working tirelessly to produce stylish wallcovering products that are sustainable, while conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

Almost 20 years ago, when much of the industry was slow to address environmental issues, COMMAND™ made the decision to eliminate toxic, solvent-based inks from all products, instead using inks free of ozone depleting chemicals. An aggressive recycling program was implemented to sharply reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, including scrap metal, paper and cardboard, as well as scrap vinyl and wallcovering trim. We have made tremendous progress in reducing the amount of water and energy used at our plants, offices and warehouse, as well as encouraging the use of fuel efficient vehicles by our management and staff to the largest extent possible.

Water conservation Back in the early 1980’s COMMAND™ recognized the need to conserve water. Rather than use well water to cool our laminators, we installed a closed-loop cooling system which eliminated more than 90% of our water consumption.



COMMAND™ has systematically replaced inefficient electric generator motors on our large machinery with highly efficient invertors. This drastically reduced the usage of electricity from the variance systems during the production process. Energy conserving fluorescent lighting already in place at our plant was further improved using electric ballasts. State-of-the-art fluorescent light fixtures with motion detectors are being utilized at our warehouse, allowing the lights to shut off when an area is not in use. These steps drastically reduce the amount of electricity consumed. Additionally, we purchase renewable energy to reduce Green House Gas